Auditions for the 2021-22 season:

  • Applications for the OSYO 2021-22 season are now closed.  We are currently accepting late auditions for bass, viola, horn and percussion. Please contact for more details. You will be contacted with specific guidelines for your instrument. 
  • Due to COVID-19, we are accepting video auditions only. Late applicants will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Audition Requirements:

1. Scales

    • Violin & Viola: 3 octave C major with arpeggios (play scales quarter note = 60, with three notes per beat)
    • Cello: 3 octave F major with arpeggios (play scales quarter note = 60, with three notes per beat)
    • Bass: 3 octave E major with arpeggios
    • Brass: Bb and Ab Major concert
    • Winds: A and Ab Major concert
    • Harp: C major scale, hands together, at a comfortable tempo
    • Percussion: concert snare drum roll (please bring snare) soft-loud-soft, 3 of the basic snare drum rudiments (flam, ruffs, paradiddles, etc), and a C Major scale on the glockenspiel (instrument provided by Oakland Symphony Youth Orchestra)

2. Solo work

One solo piece that represents both technical and expressive playing. Candidates should bear in mind that the Youth Orchestra performs standard (difficult) orchestral repertoire and your selection of solo material should reflect your readiness to perform at this level.

3. Orchestra Excerpts

You must prepare the required excerpt for your instrument listed below. If you are unfamiliar with these excerpts, we encourage you to listen to recordings of the piece and bring the excerpt to your private instructors or ensemble leaders for their input. Please contact if you have any questions.

Liszt: 9 before letter B (Andante Maestoso) until 9 after Letter C
Liszt: 4 before M until 8 after Q
Schubert: mvt 2, 8 before C until C

Liszt: 9 before letter B (Andante Maestoso) until letter D
Schubert: mvt 2, 8 before C until C
Marquez: mm 34-49

Liszt: 16 before E (allegro ma non troppo) until 8 before H (un poco piu moderato)
Schubert: mvt 1, 7 after letter A until 10 before Letter B

Liszt: 6 after E until 13 after F
Marquez: mm 168-198

Faure: mvt 3, beginning until letter A
Marquez: mm 202-220

Schubert: mvt 1, mm 13 to letter A
Schubert: mvt 2, letter E until G
Marquez: mm 19-47

Liszt: 14 before L (poco a poco piu mosso) until 4 after L
Marquez: beginning until 19

Liszt: 14 before L (poco a poco piu mosso) until 4 after L
Faure: letter E until G

Liszt: 8 before C until C
Liszt: 7 after C until 3 after D
Liszt: 3 after O until P

Liszt: 3 after N until Q
Marquez: mm 228 until 272

Liszt: 9 before B until B
Schubert: mvt 1, 6 before D until 197


Audition adjudicators will be evaluating your performance based on the following criteria:

  • Intonation
  • Rhythm
  • Tone Quality
  • Musicality
  • Sight Reading
  • Style/Technique
  • Potential
  • Overall performance and preparation