Over 18,000 concert programs are distributed at Oakland Symphony concerts throughout the season. This website has over 40,000 unique views annually and that was before this new, more user-friendly version. To date, our education programs, including the MUSE (Music for Excellence) program and the Oakland Youth Orchestra, have helped over 100,000 young people discover a passion for music. People from San Jose to Richmond are connected to and talking about the Symphony and its programs.

These are only a few of the reasons why Oakland Symphony is a great investment in yourself and your community.

There are many ways to invest! Find out more about all the options below or help create an exciting, customized opportunity by calling the Oakland Symphony office at 510-444-0801.

Host an Information Table at our Independence Eve Celebration Concert on July 3
On July 3 at the Craneway Pavilion on the Richmond waterfront, Oakland Symphony brings approximately 6,000 people together for a free concert to celebrate Independence Day! You can join the experience and connect with thousands of members of our East Bay community by having an information table to share information about your business or organization, or create a fun experience in which attendees can engage. Fill out the registration form to secure your spot!

Sponsor a Concert or a Guest Artist
Help bring classical music to life in the East Bay by sponsoring a Symphony, Youth Orchestra, or Chorus concert, underwriting a new commission, or helping bring a guest artist to the stage. There are recognition, promotional, and hospitality benefits that can be customized and sponsorship range from $5,000 to $15,000. Commission underwriting is based on the piece and the composer.

Become a Member of the Business in the Arts Networking Circle (BANC)
Small businesses can make a big impact by joining the Business in the Arts Networking Circle. Support the Symphony and the entire community while building meaningful, lasting business relationships with business leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Support an Education Program
From tuition scholarships for promising young musicians to underwriting to help bring more students to the annual Young People’s Concerts, there are many ways to change lives through music.

Underwrite and Participate in a Special Event
There are four major special events during the season – the Oakland Symphony Ball (September), the Oakland Symphony Youth Orchestra Gala (March), the Oakland Symphony Chorus Salon (February), and Bach & Brew (April). These events provide numerous options, including in-kind support, as well as a great way to thank employees or clients.

Provide a Matching Grant
From helping to galvanize giving at the annual Fundraising Night at the Symphony to engaging brand new supporters at the end of the year, matching gifts can support any program, get your name in front of our audiences, and get people excited about investing in music.

Match Gifts from Your Employees
Do you have a corporate matching program that encourages your employees to give by matching their gifts? Promote it within your company and let us know so we can promote your support to our patrons.