Harmonies from Home

Music moves us through our mind, body, and soul while connecting us with our communities, even while we are at home.

For us at the Oakland Symphony, home is where you find music. Welcome into our homes for a musical ray of light into our instruments. We aim to Engage, Inspire, and Instruct and we hope these videos will help forge more pathways to spark curiosity about musical instruments for students of all ages. We are forever committed to perpetuating a community full of lifetime learners.


For us at the Oakland Symphony, music is where our HOME is. Welcome into our homes for a musical ray of light into how to play with some tips from our MUSE TEACHING ARTISTS.

The Conductor
Learn about the Conductor with Oakland Symphony Music Director, Maestro Michael Morgan.

The Violin
Learn about the violin with Oakland Symphony musician, Hande Erdem.

The Recorder
Learn about the Recorder with Oakland Symphony musician, Alicia Telford.

The Trumpet
Learn about the Trumpet with Oakland Symphony musician, Leonard Ott.

The Flute
Learn about the Flute with Oakland Symphony musician, Amy Likar.

The Clarinet
Learn about the Clarinet with Oakland Symphony musician, Ginger Kroft.

Learn about Percussion with Oakland Symphony musician, Ward Spangler.