Our first day on the tour went off without a hitch!

July 7, 2016

CIMG1611Our first day on the tour went off without a hitch! Everyone hunkered down for two long flights and got to see the beauty of Mexico City just as dawn was touching the horizon and a spectacular view of the Panama canal. Everyone was passed out on the second leg from Panama City to Havana, but as the water started to turn a crystal blue and the flight attendants came around with breakfast, everyone was looking for glimpses of Cuba.

Once it came into sight, I think everyone started to realize that this was really happening, especially after the thunk of a new stamp going into their passports. We all chaotically loaded onto our buses, met our great tour couriers, and got an introduction to the city of Havana. We shortly arrived at our hotel right on the beach and everyone got to their rooms (after some difficulty with turning on the electric with the key cards). Most kids instantly went for showers or the gigantic pool to cool off and we all headed to dinner refreshed. We had a delicious traditional Cuban meal with live music to which Shun Kodaira (one of our percussionists) jammed out with and stole the show.

We all headed back, got the schedule for tomorrow and got ready for bed. As I write this now, the musicians are all passed out in their rooms preparing for a hot, sticky day of adventure tomorrow.

~ Tiffany Bayly


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