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“I’m really excited that our recent performance at the San Francisco Conservatory has been beautifully captured both visually and sonically.  As you watch this video, you’ll able to relive our concert and once again see the incredible talent and personality within this orchestra.” ~ Omid Zoufonoun


full orchestra bow


From time to time, the Oakland Symphony Youth Orchestra offers recordings of its concerts for purchase. These DVD recordings make for the perfect gift and memory from your musician’s time with our orchestra. At this time, the Youth Orchestra is accepting orders for the following recordings:

Fall 2015 Youth Orchestra Concert

Please fill out the form below and your order will be processed through Paypal. You can opt to have your DVD shipped with a small S&H fee or come to 1440 Broadway, Suite 405 in Oakland and pick it up.

Enjoy the performance!

Please note:  This DVD is for personal use only.  Please do not post on the internet or any other media sharing source.

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