Su Nu Nu Shinal

Traditional dancers from Kashia Stewarts Point Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians

Su Nu Nu Shinal, which means Huckleberry Heights in our native Kashia language, is made up of Kashia Pomo and Coast Miwok Indians. Our dancers and singers range in age from 9 to 64 years old and most have been performing these cultural songs and dances all their lives. Although most of our dancers are very young, they have been taught by their elders how to perform these ancient songs and dances in accordance with traditional practices. Starting in the early spring to late fall months, we dance at many events throughout our region called Big Times (like a Pow Wow). Our dance group has traveled outside the United States borders on a few occasions to share our native culture with other countries. First in 2002, the group traveled to Aotearoa, New Zealand on a 14-day tour dancing at numerous towns and villages throughout. Then in 2012 two of our dance group elders made a historic trip to Russia to share our Kashia culture with the Russian people. This trip would set the stage for another trip to Russia in June of 2014. This 2014 trip would be a 17-day tour of Moscow, Siberia and St. Petersburg. Our entire dance group would make this trip and perform at numerous cities and towns throughout Russia.

Since 2012, after years of cooperative efforts, we have once again brought our songs and dances back to the sacred ancestral site called Metini (where Fort Ross currently is located). Our Kashia ancestors have lived here for thousands of years and after being removed over 170 years ago, it’s great to be back. Kashia ancestral territory is located approximately 100 miles north of Oakland, Ca. along coast Hwy 1 in the Fort Ross area. Hundreds of years ago, this territory encompassed all the lands between the Gualala river to the north, Duncan’s Point to the south, the Pacific Ocean on the west and all the way east to the Dry Creek river bed in Healdsburg. Our current reservation is located in traditional Kashia territory in Stewarts Point California.

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