MUSE VIVO Orchestra

The after-school MUSE VIVO Orchestra is one component of Oakland Symphony’s MUSic for Excellence (MUSE) program.  Aimed at 7th – 12th  graders, the MUSE VIVO Orchestra is open to all students who take an audition. This weekly program is designed to serve as a continuing  training ground for the string players of the orchestral experience. The string ensemble was created in 2012 to serve as a bridge between the elementary level MUSE Orchestra and higher level orchestral experiences such as the Oakland Symphony Youth Orchestra.  The tuition-free program is fully sponsored by the Symphony and hosted by Edna Brewer Middle School and the Oakland Unified School District. 

Since its inception, the MUSE VIVO ensemble engages in a special project each year which allows the students to receive a special experience above and beyond their rehearsals.  This season students will experience guest conductors Michael Morgan and Omid Zoufonoun and their season culminates in a side by side performance with the Oakland Symphony.  It is our hope that through this experience will help inspire VIVO students to reach for higher achievements in their music making.

During the 2017-18 season, participating students unite from the following 10 middle and high schools to form the MUSE VIVO Orchestra: Alameda High, Bishop O’dowd, Claremont, Edna Brewer, Life Academy, Montera, Oakland High, Oakland School for the Arts (OSA), Oakland High, and Oakland Technical.