Didier Ithursarry


Didier Ithursarry was born in the Basque Country of Southern France. Coming from both popular and traditional music of his region, Didier studied Classical Studies at the Conservatoire National d’Orsay. He has had wide and varied musical experiences since then, accompanying theater, contemporary dance, and film with his unique style which incorporates traditional, world music, folk song, and jazz. He brings to his jazz improvisations flavors of his Basque background, as well as all the other areas of his musical experience. This very talented musician is curious and eager to explore new musical genres.

Didier collaborates with the Jazz National Orchestra, and with the new wave of French and European jazz musicians. A talented composer and arranger as well, Didier leads various duos with Basque singers and his own Didier Ithursarry Quartet.