Maestro Michael Morgan – Oakland Symphony, Music Director

At the age of 10, Michael Morgan knew exactly what he was going to do with his life. He was going to conduct orchestras all over the world and that’s exactly what he did.

Dr. Lynne Morrow – Oakland Symphony, Chorus Director (Coming in Spring 2022)

As early as the age of 6, Lynne Morrow believed that music would always be a part of her life. Years later she would be nominated for a Grammy.

Omid Zoufonoun – Oakland Symphony, Youth Orchestra Director (Coming in Summer 2022)

Born in Tehran, Omid Zoufounoun believed that life is a journey and set out to write his own future. Today he is an orchestral conductor, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and passionate educator.


ABOUT The Books

Making your dreams come true doesn’t come easy but our young heroes are up for the challenge! Follow their journeys as they face a variety of struggles:

• Racism • Sexism • Homophobia • Bullying • Organ Failure

Our heroes found the courage to believe in themselves and are ready to inspire your children to follow their dreams!


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