Tad Worku


The child of Ethiopian immigrants who made music a central part of his life from an early age, Tad Worku comes by his musical talents naturally. In 2012 he was poised for a successful career in the music industry, regularly headlining at Yoshi’s in San Francisco and on the brink of signing a touring contract for his band. But that contract came with a catch – he would have to agree not to write about politics or religion in his songs. So Tad chose a different path, returning to school for a nursing degree and a life of service to the community.

Tad’s original compositions defy genre categorization, incorporating elements of many different musical styles. His songs incorporate strong Christian themes, exploring Tad’s personal journey to find meaning and purpose both in his musical career and his service to the community. For videos, songs and more on Tad, please visit TadWorku.com.

“I left behind a career in pop music because I wanted to live out my values and give back to my community as a nurse,” said Tad Worku. “But now I am working to bring both paths together as one and help people heal through the power of music. With this concert I am working to answer a question that’s deeply important to me – What would it look like if we could truly live out the Gospel?”

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