Marcie Chapa

world percussionist

Marcie Chapa, a noted percussionist with love for music and passion for education in the arts. She was an original member of Beyoncé’s all-female band and worked with Beyoncé for a number of years. Jay Z, Alicia Keys, J Lo, Jill Scott, Al Jarreau, Kanye West, and Mary J Blige, just to name a few, have all called upon Marcie’s gift. Her television credits range from The Late Show with David Letterman to The Oprah Winfrey Show. Marcie has graced award show stages that include The Grammy’s and The Billboard Music Awards. Currently, Marcie can be found performing on many stages in her hometown of Houston, TX, with the Marcie Chapa Project featuring David Delagarza, Grammy Award winner. Marcie also teaches music and is director of the drum line at Houston’s MacArthur High School.

Marcie is part of an after-school workshop that uses music and percussion to keep kids off the street and on the right track. Marcie has also participated in a series of two-day retreats in the California mountains as a mentor and leader for young girls with unique life challenges. Marcie used music as a vehicle to connect with the girls and allow them to express themselves in ways they had never experienced. Marcie’s impact on the young girls of the program was only matched by their impact on her. Music is Marcie’s art, her dream, her life. By the age of 18, Marcie was performing professionally for crowds of thousands, while perfecting her craft once inspired by percussion greats Tito Puente, Sr., Karl Perazzo, Giovanni Hidalgo and many others.