Emiliano Campobello

native flute

Emiliano plays his songs on Native American flutes, Anasazi flutes, Japanese bamboo shakuhachi, East Indian bansuri, and other ethnic flutes that connect with the spirit of these ancient cultures. Through his breath, he has learned to ceremonially bridge Father Sky and Mother Earth, helping others to make that connection. Years of shamanic practice in ceremony come through his songs and melodies. This has all been part of his path as a “Sacred Activist”, conjuring a field of love through his path of inspiration and prayer.

Emiliano is a recording artist, and his 2 CD’s “Rockapelli ~ A Native American Flute Journey” and “Rockapelli -Freedom” have both been nominated by the Native American Music Awards, and he has received the Silver Arrow Award for his contributions to the Native American Music Industry. He also records on soundtrack productions for film, documentaries and theater.

He has been honored and humbled to play at the request of shamans and spiritual teachers from around the world. Playing his flutes, he has been blessing and being blessed at events and ceremonies honoring the Navajo, Chumash, Hopi, Inka, Tibetan, Japanese, Chinese, Maya, Toltec & Lakota teachings and traditions.

Emiliano has been called to play his flutes at events for a wide array of World Teachings from the likes of Chief Arvol Looking Horse (Lakota), Masaru Emoto, Deepak Chopra, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. (Toltec), Ram Dass, H. E. Dagmola (Buddhist), Angaangaq (Kalaalllit, Greenland), Walking Thunder (Navajo), Tibetan Rimpoches, Eagle (Hopi) and Condor (Inka) Dancers, and more wonderful friends…

“As I play my flutes, I pray with them for all Creation. Whether flowing or rocking, with my songs on these native flutes I call to our innermost ancient being, with the intention of healing our souls, washing our pains, calming and inspiring our hearts. Restless hearts can find their natural beat as they fall in rhythm with the breath, the mind becomes still.. and the space between thoughts expands to create room for us to hear our truth in the Divine Silence.” ~ Emiliano Campobello