Youth Orchestra Horns
The Oakland Symphony Youth Orchestra horn section (photo by Son Lu)
  • A chair named in a donor’s honor that underwrites the salary of a musician in perpetuity and allows the Symphony to attract and retain talented musicians.
  • A gift that, once invested, provides funds for buses to bring kids to the Young People’s Concerts every year.
  • A scholarship fund that provides a Youth Orchestra tuition scholarship to a deserving student annually.

These are all examples of endowment giving.

Endowment gifts work in many ways to provide the necessary stability and financial support to keep Oakland Symphony sustainable. By carefully and strategically investing, we are able to use endowment funds to create a steady stream of income that we can count on every year. The more endowment funds we have, the more secure and stable our finances can be.

By underwriting a chair or supporting a specific program through an endowment gift, you also create a very special relationship with a musician, school, or student. Your connection to music and the Symphony deepens and grows.

This type of gift can be made at any time, including as part of a planned gift through your estate.

If you would like to talk about what an endowment gift would mean to you and the Symphony, contact Oakland Symphony at 510-444-0801.