MUSE Orchestra cellists getting ready for their winter concert
MUSE Orchestra cellists getting ready for their winter concert

Your gift of any amount makes a difference to the entire Symphony family.

Your support can:

  • Introduce a new Oaklander to classical music and spark a passion that lasts a lifetime.
  • Put an instrument in a elementary school student’s hand and give him the confidence and focus that opens the door to new possibilities.
  • Change the perception of classical music and help people discover its passion, vibrancy, and excitement.

Did you know that:

$5,000 can buy new equipment and software to create video content to take people beyond the concert experience or connect music lovers directly with artists

$2,500 can provide tuition scholarships for two talented Youth Orchestra musicians who might not otherwise be able to participate

$1,000 can provide classroom supplies for the entire MUSE (Music for Excellence) Program, which helps almost 19,000 young people every year discover a passion for music

$500 can upgrade our WiFi to allow for live streaming 15-minute Flash Concerts at lunchtime or question and answer sessions with guest composers

$250 can provide four hours of mentorship from a professional Symphony musician to a promising young student in the MUSE Program to help them grow and reach their potential as people and musicians

$100 can purchase all the triangles, mallets, and drumsticks for the Oakland Symphony Youth Orchestra’s percussion section and assure that these young people have the supplies they need to succeed

Your support keeps music thriving in your community, which makes the East Bay a better place to live, provides significant economic impact, and changes lives every day.

If you have more questions about what your gift can do or how you can do more, contact Oakland Symphony at 510-444-0801. We always love to hear from our fabulous supporters.

Thank you for being part of the Symphony family!