2018-19 Season

Please fill out an Audition Application here and submit on-line. More information about Oakland Symphony Youth Orchestra and our auditions and rehearsal information can be found at Auditions General Information page.

2018-19 Audition Dates:

  • Monday, August 20:  Woodwinds
  • Tuesday, August 21:  Brass and Strings
  • Thursday, August 23:  Strings (Already FULL)

Location: Auditions are held at:

Oakland Symphony Offices
1440 Broadway, Suite 405
Oakland, CA 94704 


Audition Requirements:


    • Violin & Viola: 3 octave C major with arpeggios (play scales quarter note=60, with three notes per beat);
    • Cello: 3 octave F major with arpeggios (play scales quarter note=60, with three notes per beat);
    • Bass: 3 octave E major with arpeggios;
    • Brass: Bb and Ab Major concert;
    • Winds: A and Ab Major concert;
    • Harp: C major scale, hands together, at a comfortable tempo
    • Percussion: concert snare drum roll (please bring snare) soft-loud- soft, 3 of the basic snare drum rudiments (flam, ruffs, paradiddles, etc), and a C Major scale on the glockenspiel (instrument provided by Oakland Symphony Youth Orchestra).

Solo work

One solo piece that represents both technical and expressive playing. Candidates should bear in mind that the Youth Orchestra performs standard (difficult) orchestral repertoire and your selection of solo material should reflect your readiness to perform at this level.

Orchestra Excerpts

The orchestral excerpts for your instrument should be prepared by students. The excerpts can be downloaded from the links below.




Your audition will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Intonation
  • Tone Quality
  • Rhythm
  • Technique/Scales
  • Sight Reading
  • Musicality
  • Style
  • Potential
  • Overall performance and preparation