Chamber Singers
The Oakland Symphony Chorus Chamber Singers getting ready for their performance at the 2014 Oakland Symphony Ball (photo by Son Lu)

Oakland Symphony Chorus Chamber Singers is a newly formed ensemble led by Lynne Morrow. Members of the group are auditioned and selected from the Symphony Chorus. The group’s mission is to explore and present a wide variety of musical genres from Bach to Broadway.



Soprano                                                   Tenor

Dolores Gilchrist                                       Bernie Juat
Susan Hernandez                                     Arnold Lee
Barbara Howard-Johnson                      Jerry Reynolds
Alisa Jones                                                Jim Stenson
Jewelz Moyer                                            Daniella Urban
Erica Peck
Cynthia Webb-Beckford

Altos                                                          Bass

Karenlynne Bradley                                  Jay Beams
Rena David                                                Charlie Crane
Margaret Hegg                                         Don Howe
Natasha Hull-Richter                               Bill Leong
Linda Lipner                                               Michael Nathanson
Mary Oram                                                 Calvin Wall
Sylvia Parker                                              Bob Wehrman
Loni Williams